Top Three Signs You Suffer From Sleep Apnea and What to do About it

If you feel tired all day, even after getting a full night’s sleep, you may be wondering what you can do to improve your energy levels. If you sleep through the night and still feel extremely tired, you may be suffering from sleep apnea.

The professional team at Cohasset Dental of Cohasset, MA, is proud to serve the local community with quality dental care services, including treating sleep apnea, so that you can start getting the restful sleep that you deserve.

What is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is a prevalent condition that many suffer from – the inability to properly breathe during the night. The most common sleep apnea is obstructive, which is when the airway becomes blocked during sleep.

A less common (but more serious) form of sleep apnea is central sleep apnea, which is when the brain isn’t sending proper signals to the muscles that control breathing.

Top Three Signs You May Have Sleep Apnea

Here are some common signs you may have sleep apnea:

  1. Excessive Daytime Sleepiness

Do you constantly feel tired, sluggish, and struggle to focus during the day? This could be a symptom of sleep apnea. When your breathing repeatedly stops and starts throughout the night, your body doesn’t get the rest it needs, leading to excessive daytime sleepiness.

  1. Loud Snoring:

If your snoring is particularly loud, disrupts your partner’s sleep, or is accompanied by gasping or snorting sounds, it could be a sign of sleep apnea.

  1. Someone Has Witnessed Your Apneas:

If your partner has noticed you stop breathing for short periods during sleep, followed by gasping or snorting sounds, this is a strong indicator of sleep apnea.

Your Solution To A Good Night’s Sleep

No one should have to suffer from a bad night’s rest. We believe that you should have access to the proper equipment and medical expertise so that you can live a happy and healthy life.

During your next appointment with the strong team at Cohasset Dental of Cohasset, MA, you can be sure you will receive the proper care and guidance that you deserve.

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